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Business Meeting Minutes 01/16/14

K of C Business Meeting January 16, 2014
Knights of Columbus 12017                  

The Grand Knight, James Laraia, called the meeting to order and received a report from the Warden that all present were in possession of their membership cards.
The prayer was said and the Pledge of Allegiance was recited.

 The roll was called.

Grand Knight   Laraia   Present
Deputy Grand Knight   Laraia II   Present
Financial Secretary   Hirscher   Present
Chancellor   Dieppa   Present
Advocate    Pahl   Excused
Treasurer   Wagner   Present
Recorder   Reismeyer   Excused
Lecturer   Probst   Present
Warden    Ferro   Present
Inside Guard    Peters   Absent
Outside Guard   Daniels   Present
Trustee 3   Shelton   Excused
Trustee 2   Geschickter   Excused
Trustee 1   Niggel   Present

A special prayer for vocations was said by the council and lead by the Culture of Life Director. Prayer cards with all the diocesan seminarians pictured were handed out.  The prayer will become a normal part of the meeting.

The Chaplain was excused. 

A hard copy of the previous minutes were not available for reading. Instead, the Grand Knight provided a brief overview of the equally brief December meeting.  These were approved without correction. 

New First degree members were to be introduced. The Membership Director used the time to provide the Membership Programs report; specifically the orientation held on Saturday, January 11, for recent new members.  
New members introduced were: Marty Badewitz and Chris White (absent). 

The Grand Knight provided his report going over the key dates for the upcoming month which are:

  • March for Life in Raleigh – Saturday, January 18th  
  • March for Life in DC – Wednesday, January 22nd
  • Mass for Unborn Children – Wednesday, January 22nd
  • Prayer Vigil – Friday, January 31st
  • 2nd Degree Ceremony – Saturday, February 1st at 10am in RM 5&6
  • AOH Sponsored Parish Breakfast – Sunday, February 2nd
  • Texas Holdem Tournament – 6:00pm Friday, February 21st – Revamped with better food, drinks and new team.
  • Polar Plunge – 1:00pm Saturday, February 22nd
  • 3rd Degree – Saturday, February 22nd in Jacksonville
  • Clown Breakfast – Sunday, March 2nd
  • St Patrick Dinner & Dance – Saturday, March 15th
  • 4th Degree – Saturday, March 15th in Fayetteville

The planning for the St. Patrick's day Dinner and Dance was discussed in detail.  those interested in volunteering and leading a team are to attend a planning meeting on Thursday, January 23, at 6pm at 7710 Market Street. It was decided to honor Mike O'Keefe and Linda Reismeyer at this event because of their long-time involvement with the two organizations that will put on the Dinner Dance this year; the Knights and the Columbiettes. Their families will each receive four seats and share a table. 

Programs: Programs director reported that seats will be available on the youth bus to DC on January 22 but any adults will need clearing first. 

Culture of Life:
NC Right to Life Rally and March in Raleigh on January 18. Four or more knights from the council will attend. 
NC Mass for Life and National March for Life in DC on January 22 will be attended by the Culture of Life Director. 
St. Mark Mass for the Unborn at 8:30am on January 22. 
Quarterly Prayer Vigil at Planned Parenthood at 9am on January 31. 

Church: No report, Director absent.

The Polar Plunge is on February 22. Possibility of also fielding a 5k run team.  We will have a coffee and cocoa table to raise funds for LAMB.  
Volunteers are needed for the Step Up for Soldiers BBQ on January 25 at Carolina Beach.

The February Parish Breakfast will be sponsored by the AOH and LAOH. It will be a traditional Irish breakfast.  
The Knight of the Month is Steve Peters for organizing the Knights before Christmas Mass, Cookie bar & Santa, Christmas Parking and for his service as Confirmation Teacher.

Family: The Family of the Month is the Anthony Smith family for all their help at the Christmas Mass, and their regular participation in Church activities and KofC activities. 

Youth: Call for volunteers for the Free Throw Competition. 

Special Programs: Two special programs have been picked up by Lee Wagner: the 2014 State Raffle and the SuperBowl Pool.  For the State raffle, each council member will be sent four tickets with the expectation that they will return $20 to the council with or without stubs. 

LAMB: The LAMB Director for 2014 is Pete Kotas. It was announced that the council was second in the state for LAMB collections. 

Fourth Degree: Ron Daniels reported on the upcoming exemplification on March 15 and that anyone interested must act quickly because of limited space. 

Good of the Order: Prayers for Brothers in need; Roy Parker and Ken Merck and all sick and deceased members and their families, particularly of Linda Reismeyer and Michael O'Keefe. 

Good of the Order Lecture: Greg Decker gave an overview of the new council website that will be live withing a week or so. Many good ideas were offered from the floor that will be taken under advisement. 

Greg Decker
Acting Recorder