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Business Meeting Minutes 02/20/14

K of C Business Meeting February 20, 2014
Knights of Columbus 12017                  

The Grand Knight, James Laraia, called the meeting to order and received a report from the Warden that all present were in possession of their membership cards.
The prayer was said and the Pledge of Allegiance was recited.

 The roll was called.

Grand Knight   Laraia   Present
Deputy Grand Knight   Laraia II   Present
Financial Secretary   Hirscher   Present
Chancellor   Dieppa   Present
Advocate    Pahl   Present
Treasurer   Wagner   Present
Recorder   Reismeyer   Present
Lecturer   Probst   Present
Warden    Ferro   Absent
Inside Guard    Peters   Present
Outside Guard   Daniels   Present
Trustee 3   Geschickter   Excused
Trustee 2   Shelton   Present
Trustee 1   Niggel   Present

A special prayer for vocations was said by the council and lead by the RSVP Chairman Pahl. 

The Chaplain was excused. 

Now that the previous meeting's minutes are published on the council website shortly after a meeting, the reading of the minutes will be dispensed with; however, the Grand Knight will ask for corrections and/or changes at the meeting. For the January meeting minutes no corrections or changes were offered so the minutes were approved as recorded on the website.

Admissions Committee Chairman Dieppa reported on the transfer request of Ronald Strecker. Also reported on by Hirscher is a candidate, George Hanyok, who is interested in Community work. A motion was made by the Deputy Grand Knight that both the transferee and candidate be accepted, seconded by Kranich and approved. 

The Grand Knight provided his report going over the key dates for the upcoming month which are:

  • Texas Hold'em Charity Tournament – February 21st
  • Polar Plunge – February 22nd
  • 3rd Degree – Saturday, February 22nd in Jacksonville
  • Clown Breakfast – Sunday, March 2nd has been moved to May 4.
  • Boy Scout Shrove Dinner - Tuesday, March 4th from 5-7pm. The Grand Knight reiterated that we are a sponsor of the Boy Scouts and it is incumbent upon us to support them by attending this event. 
  • St. Patrick Dinner Dance – Saturday, March 15th
  • 4th Degree – Saturday, March 15th in Fayetteville
  • 3rd Annual Golf Extravaganza - Sunday, May 18

The Grand Knight spoke about the continued planning for the St. Patrick Day Dinner Dance; speciically about the ticket sales and new flyer to promote the event, the raffle items that will be a handgrafted Norm Abrams designed table, and the request for volunteers for the 50/50 during the event.

Note that the financials are excised from the online version of the minutes.

In the Reading of Bills and Communications, the Grand Knight reported receiving:

  • A bill from Supreme for Per Capita, Catholic Advertising and Culture of Life. As an aside, he mentioned that our progress against membership and insurance goals will be investigated.
  • A letter from SK Marty Yakimovich thanking the council for their support, particularly at the funeral of his son.
  • A letter from Supreme describing the new First degree Exemplification video. 
  • An email from the State Warden asking for donations to help replae the State Council Mass Kit.
  • An email from the General Insurance Agent seeking a new Field Insurance Agent. That information posted to the website. 
  • An email from Scott Roberts providing an update on his health.

Programs: The various program directors were asked to provide their reports.

Culture of Life: Director Decker reported on three events from January:

  • Right to Life Rally and March in Raleigh - attended by five knights from the council - GK Laraia, Daniels, Goldner, Peters and Decker. 
  • Mass for Life and National March in DC - attended by Breit and Decker. 
  • Prayer Vigil on 1/31 - attended by GK Laraia, Reyes, Bolger, Decker and wife Teri, and Norb Mikos of St. Stan's. 

Church: Director Peters brought up council support for the Confirmation on Friday, March 14. In addition to knights to usher, there will be a Fourth Degree honor guard for the bishop. Volunteers were GK Laraia, Daniels, Shelton and Decker. 

Community: Director Hellmann reported on the Polar Plunge scheduled on February 22. Volunteers are still needed for fundraising at the event. Steve Shelton said for those participating to pick up t-shirts after the meeting. John Bolger reported that there will be another Mud Run on April 19 with the location TBD. 

Council: The new Co-Director for Council, Craig Stinson, was announced. The Texas Hold'em being held on friday, 2/21, was promoted as was the St. Patrick Day dinner dance.  The Knight of the Month is Greg Decker for his Culture of Life activities in January and creation of the Web site.

Family: The Family of the Month is the Craig Stinson family. Besides starting the e-newsletter in January, Craig is also a scout leader, His wife is the parish wedding coordinator. 

Youth: The direcotr was excused but a report was provided by the Grand Knight - a low turnout for the free throw contest but even less participation in the poster contest. Next year the programs will be pushed out to the broader community.

Special Programs: Lee Wagner reported that of the four SuperBowl raffle winners, three were from the council.  As to the State raffle, after Mass ticket sales were good; however, knights have been slow to make their personal returns.

LAMB: The LAMB Chairman reiterated the need for volunteers at the Polar Plunge. There will be an Easter LAMB Drive after all Masses on 4/5-6. Street LAMB Drives are scheduled for 4/5, 12 & 26. Lastly, the Clown breakfast was moved to May 4 so as to not conflict with the scouts' Shrove Pancake dinner. 

New Business: The first item was the election of a new Treasurer.  A motion was made that Chris Smith be elected to Treasurer provided 1) that he attain Third Degree on 2/22 and 2) that Lee Wagner is approved as financial Secretary by Supreme. The motion was made by PGK Ken Merck, seconded by DGK Laraia and approved.

A motion was made to elect the Grand Knight and Deputy Grand Knight as delegates and PGK Niggel as an alternate to the State Convention. The motion was made by Jim Riesmeyer, seconded by Hellmann, and approved.

A motion was also made to make $50 donations to the Bishop and to the Culture of Life funds at the State Convention. Te motion was made by Alex Lopez, seconded by Chris Smith, and approved. 

Brother Joe Silva gave a brief report on the retreat of the group Singles Single Again. He mentioned that it provides a great service to those having lost a spouse. Meetings are monthly and begin with a Mass. Contact Joe for more information. 

Tom Woodard gave a report on the Spring Golf Extravaganza scheduled for May 18 at Castle Bay. 

Mark Pahl said that the Memorial day family Picnic will be on Sunday, May 25.  

Fourth Degree: Ron Daniels reported on the upcoming exemplification on March 15 and that there will be six candidates, two from our council: Chris Smith and Craig Stinson. 

Good of the Order: Prayers for Brothers in need; Roy Parker and Norb Mikos. 

Good of the Order Lecture: In lieu of a lecture, a raffle was held with each knight in presence having one ticket for the drawings.  The prizes and winners were:

 Lee Wagner State Raffle Ticket 
Jegg Kranich  State Raffle Ticket
George Schatz  State Raffle Ticket
Gil Hirscher  State Raffle Ticket
Steve Peters Shrove Pancake Family Dinner
Chris Smith $100 Ireland Trip Raffle Ticket

The Closing Prayer was offered for the sick and distressed; in particular, Roy Parker and Norb Mikos. 

Greg Decker
Acting Recorder