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Business Meeting Minutes 07/17/14

K of C Business Meeting July 17, 2014 Knights of Columbus 12017                  

The Grand Knight, James Laraia, called the meeting to order and received a report from the Warden that all present were in possession of their membership cards. The prayer was said, led by Father Pat, and the Pledge of Allegiance was recited.

 The roll was called.

Grand Knight   LARAIA  


Deputy Grand Knight   LARAIA II   Present
Financial Secretary   Wagner   Present
Chancellor   Dieppa   Present
Advocate    Pahl   Excused
Interim-Treasurer   Probst   Present
Recorder   Riesmeyer   Present
Lecturer   Philips   Present
Warden    Varghese   Present
Inside Guard    Peters   Excused
Outside Guard   Schadt   Present
Trustee 3   Daniels   Excused
Trustee 2   Merck   Present
Trustee 1   Shelton   Present


Now that the previous meeting's minutes are published on the council website shortly after a meeting, the reading of the minutes will be dispensed with; however, the Grand Knight will ask for corrections and/or changes at the meeting. For the Junel meeting minutes no corrections or changes were offered so the minutes were approved as recorded on the website.

 Greg Decker led the Knights in the Prayer for Vocations.

Chaplin's Report
Father Pat Keane stated that he was happy to be an active knight in our council. Father Pat went on to explain how much the RSVP stipend of $500 meant to him as a seminarian.
A 4th degree knight, Father Pat encouraged all knights to consider becoming 4th degree knights as the theme of the 4th degree is patriotism.

Report of Admission Committee

Ken Dieppa reported two transfers Raymond Waldinger and Charles Cadden. Father Patrick A. Keane and Father Michael J. Burbeck also will be transferring into our council.
Ken Merck made a motion that all four knights be accepted into our council. Alex Lopez seconded the motion and it passed with no dissent. 

Grand Knight's Report:

Jim Laraia thanked the council for electing him for a 2nd year, He stated that their confidence in him was gratifying. Jim also thanked his fellow officers for  stepping up and assuming active rolls in the coming year.
Jim formally appointed Father Pat Keane as the Chaplin for our council. Jim also appointed Bobby Philllips as our Lecturer. Sir Knight Bobby is also the Faithful Navigator for the 4th degree council. The new Membership Director is James T. Laraia II with the accent on a more youthful recruitment in the future. Ron Probst has agreed to stay as Program Director.

The Installation of Officers will take place after the 9:30 Mass on July 27th. Knight should wear a suit or tan slacks and a blue blazer and your K of C name badge. Wives and family are encouraged to attend. A Recognition Ceremony and Breakfast will be held in the Parish Hall after the Installation. All Knights, Columbiettes and family members are encouraged to attend. Also any members of the congregation are welcome.There will be NO CHARGE for the Breakfast.

The Knights have a Golf Package for 4 Rounds of golf at Porter's Neck Country Club that we are auctioning off. The opening bid is $425 and bids will close at the end of our next council meeting on August 21st. Contact Jim Laraia if you wish to submit a bid. Proceeds will benefit the RSVP program.

St. Mark Parish welcomes a new Director of Religious Education,Paul Abbe, and we need help unloading a truck with furniture etc. on Saturday July 26th at 3 PM. Please notify Jim Laraia if you can help.

Jim reviewed the goals necessary to reach the Star Council Award. The Columbian Award for Programs that we have done. We have met that requirement. The Father McGivney Award for recruitment of new members has also been met. The Founder's award for increase in insurance participation has been met. We have met all the requirements to be a Star Council. Jim thanked everyone for their work during the past year.

The donations to the Church, school, and community for the years 2013-2014 were $31,577.27. Included in that total is the $1500 to RSVP for the seminarians. The Cathedral pledge received $1000 and we are ahead of schedule for our total pledge of $6000. The bus trip to Washington DC for the youth group received $500.     Operation LAMB raised $16,800 in our street drives which take place all year round. Our Council raised over $26,000 for LAMB which was the 2nd highest in the state.

An activity list for the coming year was handed our to the council members present. A Service Program Organizational Chart was also handed out. Ron Probst will be the Program Director. James T. Laraia II will be the Membership Director. Greg Decker will be the Culture of Life Director. Church Director is Steve Peters. Community Director is Joe Hellmann. Council Director is Craig Stinson. Family Director is Andy Esposito. Youth Director is Kuriakose Varghese. LAMB Director is Pete Kotas. 

Membership will be headed up by James Laraia II and he will lead the recruitment team. We need to appeal to the younger men in the parish. Ken Dieppa will head up the Admissions Team. Ron Daniels with Alex Lopez will lead the Retention Team. Marty Y. will handle the Insurance Program as our Insurance Representative. Lee Wagner will help to promote the insurance from a council perspective.

At the end of the meeting, members should engage the various Directors and indicate which group the would like to join. This is a team effort and it takes all of our support.

The budget was handed out and reviewed by Jim. No actual figures will be given in these minutes but Jim stated that we were on a pay as you go basis. A copy of the proposed budget can be obtained from Jim Laraia. A vote to approve the budget will take place at our August Business meeting. 

Treasurer's Report:

Note that the financials are excised from the online version of the minutes.

Reading of Bills and Communications:

A 3rd degree will be held at St. Mary's K of C on 10/11/14.
The State K of C golf tournament will be held on October 4th and 5th at Holly Ridge and the entry fee is $140 per player.

A letter was received from James Shulfer of the VA thanking us for the distribution of candies and fruit packs to the VA Wilmington Medical Center.

A letter was received from Supreme Knight, Carl Anderson, stressing the importance of the safety, security, and protection of our young people participating in our youth programs. All knights serving in these programs must be registered with Supreme so that background checks can be made on these individuals. all local and diocesan regulations  must be met.

Financial Secretary's  Report

Lee Wagner reported that the audit was completed by the Trustees on 7/10/14.

Trustees Report

Steve Shelton reported that the audit was completed to their satisfaction.

Program Reports

The various program directors were asked to provide their reports.

James Laraia II reported that a Membership Drive is scheduled for September 6th and 7th. A 1st degree ceremony is scheduled for September 18th.

Culture of Life: 
Director Greg Decker said the NFL Football pool will be our fundraiser for Culture of Life activities again. We have plenty of time before the start of the NFL season to sell tickets. Anyone who sells 10 tickets will get one free. Tickets are $20 and are available from Greg Decker.
Prayer Vigils 
are scheduled for 8/15 and 8/22 on 16th St. near the Planned Parenthood Building.The Vocation's award was received for our RSVP donations.

Special Programs

Catholic Radio: 
Greg Decker 
reported that work continues on the Ogden station. Greg noted that no advertising money is collected by the station. Relevant Radio programming is just part of the broadcasting provided by Wilmington Catholic  Radio. 

Pete Kotas reported on the current LAMB street drives and the need for more knights to volunteer for the upcoming street drives.

 Fourth Degree: 

Bobby Phillips reported that the next 4th degree meeting would take place on August 19th at St. Mary's K of C. A 4th degree exemplification will be held on November 15th in Raleigh.

District Deputy's Report

Brother Frank Weisgerber presented us with awards for the 2nd half of the year. A 3rd place in the youth activity and a 2nd place in the church activity were presented to Grand Knight Jim Laraia.

Good of the Order: 
Prayers for Lou Collender,Joe Martin,Roy Parker, and Carol Daniels. Also pray for all the sick and deceased Knights and their families.
The meeting closed with a prayer led by our Chaplin, Father Pat.

Our Lecturer, Bobby Philips, provided a quick comment on the DVD provided by Supreme and then it was watched by the council. 

Jim Laraia invited the members to enjoy the refreshments provided and to talk to the various team leaders in the back of the room. Knights need to step up and volunteer for the various activities that are coming up. A prayer was led by our Chaplain, Father Pat.

Jim Riesmeyer