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Business Meeting Minutes 01/15/15

K of C Business Meeting January 15, 2015 Knights of Columbus 12017

The Grand Knight, James Laraia, called the meeting to order and received a report from the Warden that all present were in possession of their membership cards. The prayer was said and the Pledge of Allegiance was recited.

 The roll was called.

Grand Knight   Laraia   Present
Deputy Grand Knight   Laraia II   Present
Financial Secretary   Wagner   Present
Chancellor   Dieppa   Present
Advocate    Pahl   Present
Treasurer   Probst   Present
Recorder   Riesmeyer   Excused
Lecturer   Philips   Present
Warden    Varghese   Present
Inside Guard    Peters   Present
Outside Guard   Schadt   Present
Trustee 3   Daniels   Present
Trustee 2   Merck   Present
Trustee 1   Shelton   Present
Spiritual Director   Deacon Perez   Excused


Prayer for Vocations recited.

The minutes from December's meeting were presented by GK and approved.

Report of Admission Committee:

  • One new candidate was interviewed and recommended to the council.  A new transfer candidate was presented to the council. A motion was made by Alex Lopez to accept Larry Greer as a new 1st Degree Candidate and to accept John Novak as a transfer to the Council. A second Motion was made by Ken Merck. Ask for discussion and there was was taken and approved.

Grand Knight's Report:

  • Reviewed the NFL Superbowl Pool
  • Stated the council was fortunate to raise $8,000 above the Fraternal Year 2013-2014 Budget. The Council Officers would like suggestions and/or ideas on what to purchase for the Parish. The committee to review and recommend some gift options would be the Council Officers. The officers would review all info and make a selection of options to present to the council.
  • Rosary this weekend ½ hour before all masses...please try to arrive early
  • There is no need for the KofC to help with the Parish Breakfast in February. The Boy Scouts will have their Shove Tuesday Pancake Dinner instead. Please try to attend.
  • Confirmation Retreat on Feb 21st. The KofC will help serve food and clean up. Volunteers get with Ron Probst.
  • Polar Plunge is Feb 21st. Shirts available for LAMB Volunteers and Plungers...hospitality rooms again this year.
  • Youth Director & LAMB Director positions open...if interested to learn more get with Ron Probst or GK.
  • Update provided on Squires...male children interested between the ages of 10 and 18 years old contact the GK
  • Parish Festival April 25th, volunteers needed to be identified early to help deploy resources properly. Key contacts Ken, Mark, Jeff and Pete.
  • Key Activity Dates Provided.

Treasurer's Report:

Note that the financials are excised from the online version of the minutes.

Treasurer's Report & FS Reports...all deposits and disbursements accounted for and checking account balanced.

Report of Service Programs:

  • Reviewed Marches, RSVP, Golf, St Patrick Dinner & Dance, Family Supper and Confirmation Retreat

LAMB Report:

  • Reviewed dates for Polar Plunge (Feb 21st) and LAMB Spring Event (May 9th)

New Business: 

  • Thank-you to Mark Pahl for allowing use of house for Christmas Party
  • Thank-you to all the volunteers at the Thanksgiving Meal

Report of the Fourth Degree:

  • Next 4th Degree will be held in Fayetteville on Feb 28th

Good of the Order:

  • Prayers for Jim Riesmeyer's sister, Lou Calender, Ken Merck and Ron Daniel's wife
  • Presentation on the Parish Festival by Ken Dieppa

Closing Prayer & Adjourn

James T. Laraia II substitute for Jim Riesmeyer – Recorder