Meeting Minutes

2024-02-27 Business Meeting Minutes

Mass: 6:30-7:00

Call to Order: Grand Knight Cary Newman: 7:10 PM.

·         Total in attendance:  45 Brothers.

·         Officers Attendance Report: End of this report.

Burning candle memorial:

·         For the Canonization of Blessed Michael McGivney

Opening Prayer: Hail Mary by Father Cesar

Special Guest(s):  WDD Gene Ziemba attended and shared his thoughts.  He is very impressed with our Council.  We are #3 Council out of 160 based on membership and some other factors.  He could tell by our Council Activity Report (CAR) that we had many different Knights involved with activities.  Great work to all involved.  He challenged all Knights to participate in some event during the year and to volunteer for leadership roles.

We also had two new candidate Knights: Colin O’Kane and Keith Lorenzetti.

Pledge of Allegiance: All

Approval of Minutes from Previous Meeting: Minutes were approved.

Financial Reports:

·          Treasurer Report: Treasurer Bud Tascone
Financial statement is available upon request.

Chaplain Report: 

·         Supreme Chaplain’s Challenge: no new challenge.

Membership Report: Membership Director Greg Peters

·         We currently have (6) prospects that have completed state online membership applications that await exemplification. We have 2 new candidates at the meeting tonight. We have the Spring membership drive scheduled for May 18th & 19th. Subsequent exemplifications to be scheduled for 2nd half of May.

Programs Reports: Program Director Larry Greer

·         Faith Director Report: Faith Director John Clyatt

·         COR (Heart) Program- Takes place the 1st three Thursdays of each month. We have completed “Into the Breach”.  We will begin a bible study March 7th.  The focus of the Bible study will be getting to know Jesus and how we as men grow in his likeness. We had two testimonials from both Gregs: 

§  Greg Peters said we are constantly called into battle.  The devil and his minions are everywhere trying to get us offtrack.  Discussed HABITS.  H- Holy Hour-commitment to prayer; A- Accountability to family and friends; B- Bible- commitment to praying with holy scripture; I-Invest- giving back to church and community; T-Tell- be willing to share beliefs with others; S- Sacraments- the importance of the Eucharist and reconciliation. Proverbs 27:17- Iron is sharpened by iron; one person is sharpened by another. Group discussion helps us sharpen our understanding of the bible.  Family is incredibly important outside our faith and we need to focus on that. 

§  Greg Decker discussed how powerful it is to understand the Bible and our Christian faith.  The Bible is a goldmine and if you read it, especially with others, you keep striking gold veins.  This also emphasizes the fraternalism of Catholic men.  Take the first step and come learn with us. 

·         Quarterly Knight’s Mass April 7th, at the 7:30 Mass, I have ushers and cantor but need greeters, readers, ushers, sacristan, and extraordinary ministers of communion.

·         Family Director Report: Family Director Jim Mancini’s report given by Program Director Greer

·         Movie night: The Knights of Columbus continue the "Movie Night" program by presenting a free screening of A Man for All Seasons on Saturday, March 2 from 7:30 to 9:30pm in the Parish Hall. Sign up to help on our Council website.

·         Community Director Report: Community Director Ray Repage’s report given by Program Director Greer

·         Knight’s Breakfast: chaired by George Schadt This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. cell 910-540-4700.  April 7th- get hold of George if you want to help.

·         Novant Marathon Aid Station:  Occurred on February 24 and 20 Knights participated.  It was very successful and we will continue to support this effort.

·         Life Director Report: Life Director Michael Breit’s report given by Program Director Greer

·         Save the Date, Raleigh Rally & March for Life May 18.  TBD if anything is done as a group.

·         Prayer vigil supporting Life: A reminder of Wednesday's 9:00am vigil at the corner of 17th Street and Hospital Plaza. Best contact is Larry Geer: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. cell- 910-471-1574

·         LAMB Report:  LAMB Director Tim Niggel - not present  

Knights on Call: DGK Mike Alexander

·         Knights on Call Hours so far 2024 YTD - 29.5 hrs. 4 Hrs. - 2/13 - Steve T. & Myself  2 hrs. each moving bedroom furniture for new carpet installation. - Patricia. 1 hr. - 2/19 - Steve T. installing closet shelf - Patricia. 1.5 - 2/21 - Mike A. Relocating 4 refrigerators at Bread for Life Senior Pantry Kerr Ave, 6 hrs. - 2/22 - Greg P., Steve T. & Myself 2hrs. each Installing a New Commercial freezer at Bread for Life Senior Pantry Kerr Ave.
The GK read a note of thanks for all the help and also came with a donation. 

Fourth Degree Report: SK Larry Greer

·         Monthly meetings on the third Tuesday at 7pm, usually at Saint Mark’s Parish Hall. 

·                  The assembly website is at 

·         Faithful Navigator, Frank Bio This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. cell 910-899-8946.

·         Next event at Ashley House for the veterans will be March 3rd.  Note went to 4th degree Knights and GK will send out info.

Financial Secretary Report: Greg Decker

·         State Raffle:  We have issued 456 tickets with 25% returned so far.  This is an important and easy fund raiser so please participate.  The council receives 50% of the proceeds.

·         Super Bowl Pool: $1000 was gained and $750 will go to LAMB.

·         College Basketball Pool is being considered for the final championship games.

·         Annual Dues billing response is going well with 14 members who have not paid out of 202 total members (91% have paid dues).  Over 60% have paid online.

Latino Roundtable: 

·         The Roundtable (16 participants so far) meets every 4th Thursday of the month in the Juan Diego Room at 7:15 pm.  A brother Knight, Rafael Flores, has a gardening business.  He had 2 trailers and equipment stolen from a secured storage location with a total value of $60,000. He was not insured.  The Spanish community has been trying to raise money through raffles at their 1:30 Mass which is where I first heard of this sad situation.  I invited him to our council meeting in the hopes that our council will step up and help a brother in need.  A raffle table was set up after our meeting with lots of participation and they were very appreciative.  If approved by Fr. Spencer, there will be a Taco Night in April with more information coming.



·         Golf Tournament coming Monday, April 22.  See our website for more information about the event, to view the flyer, to become a sponsor, or to play.  Mike Alexander is leading this event. 

·         St. Patrick’s Day party will be 3/16 in the St Mark’s gym. Contact Larry Greer This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. cell- 910-471-1574 if you would like to support.  This is a dinner dance complete with dinner and dancing and the craziest St. Patrick’s attire you can find.  You can sign up on our web site.

Grand Knight’s Report: GK Cary NewmanThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. cell-910-515-6514

·         Council Leadership Roster for 24-25 is being developed. As reported over the past two months, we are requesting all Knights to prayerfully consider taking a leadership role and ask that you make your interest known to the Grand Knight over the next 2 weeks.  The roster will be presented at the April Council meeting and voted upon at the May meeting with the installation of officers in June.

·         The State Convention will be the weekend of May 3-4-5 in Raleigh. Three Delegates are to be voted upon at the February 27 Council meeting.  They are Cary Newman, Greg Decker and Greg Peters.  This was unanimously approved by the membership.

·         Jack Murphy has researched the best process for the council to buy customized polo shirts at the best price. They will be between $34 and $36 depending on size.  Details will be sent to our membership. 

·         Tim Kroll is proposing that we assemble a group of volunteers to clean the Chapel and Sacristy once we get approval from Fr. Greg.  We would like 10-15 volunteers. Will most likely be on March 9th at 0800 but stay tuned for confirmation and details. 

·         Council 12885 (Wrightsville Beach) is sponsoring a Charity Dinner at Cousins Italian Bistro on March 14, 6 pm.  Cost is $60/ticket and will support Catholic Charities.  Contact GK Anthony Melilli at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to reserve a spot.  Details on attached flyer.

·         LAMB Recipients will be attending our 3/26 Council Meeting

·         Annual Volunteer Survey recorded 3179 hours of volunteer hours from our Council in Calendar 2023. Of our 200 members, only 14 responded to the survey.  That raises two obvious points:  First, why did so many of us not respond to the survey and second, if we had all responded can you imagine how many total hours we would have recorded?!

·         The Fraternal Planner for 24-25 is being developed now to be sure we get Facilities space reserved for our events.  We will be meeting in March with Parish Administration to confirm our dates.  A number of new ideas have been received from several new Knights in our council. Every Knight should feel welcome to submit ideas to the Grand Kight or to the Program Director, Larry Greer.

·         GK read a thank you letter sent from Celia Ewald who is the widow of Peter Ewald.  Celia sent a $300 check in appreciation for the service of the Knights in Peter’s funeral and in honor of Peter as a brother knight.

·         Special thanks to Brother John Clyatt for providing Sloppy Joes for our after-meeting refreshments!  Great Job!

Old Business:

·         The State Convention coming on May 3-5 requires council approval of delegates from the council.  A motion was made, seconded and voted upon to send Cary Newman, Greg Peters, and Greg Decker to the convention.  Motion was unanimously approved.

New Business: None

Good of the Order:

·         Knight of the Month for January: Steve Simms

·         Family of the Month for January: Dennis and Dianne Ihnat family

Prayers for Brothers in Need:

·         Names in the Prayers Book in addition to Greg Decker’s brother-in-law, Phil DePhilips who has advanced Alzheimer’s. 

Next Meeting: March 26 at 7:15pm in the social hall; THERE IS NO MASS THIS DAY

Closing Prayer: Our Father led by Father Cesar

Meeting Adjourned:  8:15 pm

Minutes completed by Recorder: Sean Murphy


2023 – 2024 Officers




Grand Knight

Cary Newman



Fr. Cesar Torres Martinez


Deputy Grand Knight

Mike Alexander



Ray Repage



Greg Peters



Miguel Saldana (appointed)



Sal “Bud” Tascone


Financial Secretary

Greg Decker (appointed)



George Schadt


Outside Guard

Shawn Duncan


Inside Guard

Joseph Damitz



Sean Murphy


Trustee 1 Year

Steve Shelton


Trustee 2 Year

Larry Greer


Trustee 3 Year

Chris Smith



2023 – 2024 Program Chairs




Program Director

Larry Greer



John Clyatt



Jim Mancini



Ray Repage



Michael Breit



Tim Niggel



Greg Peters