2022-09-27 Business Meeting Minutes

Website: https://kofc12017.org/

Grand Knight: Cary Newman This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Mass: 6:30 at St Mark Catholic Church, attended by many brothers

Call to Order: Grand Knight Cary Newman: 7:15 PM

Total in attendance: 31 Brothers

Officers Attendance Report: Inside Guard provided and is at the end of this report.

Pledge of Allegiance:  All

Burning candle memorial:

·         Candle burns for brothers Anthony Fey and Thomas Wiedemer and for the canonization of the Blessed Michael McGivney

Approval of Minutes from Previous Meeting: Approved without additions or deletions

Financial Report from Treasurer and Financial Secretary: Greg Decker

·         Financial Report available upon request.

Membership Report: Greg Peters

·         Fall membership drive is weekend of 15/16 October.  Brothers are asked to contact Greg Peters if they are able to volunteer manning the Membership table.

·         The following brothers will speak in support of the Membership Drive

·         Frank Bio – 5PM Vigil Mass

·         Michael Breit – 7:30 Sunday Mass

·         Greg Peters – 9:30 Sunday Mass

·         Greg Peters – 11:30 Sunday Mass

·         Miguel Saldana – 1:30 Sunday Mass.

Programs Reports: Provided by individual program chairmen.

Faith Chairman Report: Miguel Saldana

·         Reported on the various venues for the weekend retreat.  Brother Miguel will provide additional details and associated costs for the retreat.  Top choice is the Bishop McGiveney retreat house in Smithfield.  Target date is Lent 2023.

·         24 hour Adoration will be held after the 1st Friday Mass through the first Saturday Mass 01/02 October.

Family Chairman Report: Bob Gabel (reported in Good of the Order)

Community Chairman Report:  Cary Newman reported for Steve Patterson (excused)

·         Fall bocce tournament, Saturday, October 1, Single elimination; weather permitting – given Hurricane Ian pending arrival.  Teams are set and the following Council’s will be playing

·         All Saints

·         St Stanislaus and

·         St Mark

·         Coats for Kids:  total funds raised $5,300 – enough to purchase 240 coats and $1,500 carryover to 2023 drive

·         Pancake Breakfast – while it was the first held by the council, it broke even.  Next breakfast will be 09 October.  Consideration is being given to begin charging if donations do not spike.  See George Schadt for volunteering opportunities.

·         ‘Blankets for the Homeless’ will continue this year under Greg Peters direction. Looking for donations in addition to the October breakfast support.  Greg Peters will distribute 169 fleece and 200 mylar blankets.  The plan is to distribute the blankets at Good Shepherd, Salvation Army and Ashley House.

·         Building Brigade:  a team of brothers (with wrenches) picked up delivered and assembled six six-foot metal picnic tables to Christ the King (Mission Church).  There they were joined by William Westmoreland.  Job well done.

·         Christmas Party (December 15) combined with Columbiettes is full though there is a waiting list. Please pay in full by December 1. See emails for details.

·         St Stanislaus will be having their Polish festival on 04/05 November and they welcome volunteers.

·          John Bolger requested assistance in donations in support of the Christmas shoe boxes containing items easily purchased at a drugstore or dollar store.  The goal is to deliver 20 boxes to needy veterans at the Ashley House.  Items might include:

·         2 razors

·         A pair of glove (Jersey gloves would suffice)

·         Small tooth paste

·         Power stick for skin/hair

·         Waterless shampoo

·         Shaving cream

·         Toothbrushes

·         2/3 pair of socks (while/black/brown)

Life Chairman Report: Michael Breit

·         As reported last month ‘Room at the Inn’ will receive the Council’s $500 donation that will be matched with an ASAP $100 donation from Supreme.

·         Monday Night Football pool is funded.  Total received is $5000.

·         On 02 October meet at 2:30 for LifeChain – the goal is to have 20 Brothers in attendance.

·         LifeLine Pregnancy Baby Bottle drive is about to kick-off.  Please see Michael Breit for additional information and volunteering.

·         North Carolina Right to Life received a $200 donation from the council for their efforts.

LAMB Chairman Report: Tim Niggel

·         Nothing to report

Fourth Degree Report: Caleb Strittmatter

·         Provided details of the program to fund 50% of the cost of the regalia – costing $520.  SK Strittmatter encouraged all to submit their names for the drawing which will be held on 10 Oct.  Four SKs will be awarded the 50% of the cost each year for three years; i.e., 12 SKs to have purchased new regalia.

·         Scholarship Program – letters were sent to Sir Knights in support of the program. 

Good of the Order:

·         The Ash family was nominated and recognized as Family of the Month for their continued support of the Liturgy.

·         Arrangements are in process to present the Leonard Family with a Family of the Month certificate at a Vigil Mass.

·         Columbus Dinner to be held on Saturday 15 October.  There is a call for at least seven volunteers to support this worthy cause.  In addition, volunteers are needed for prep work on Friday.  Thus far 26 tickets were sold; however, announcements will be in the next two week’s bulletins.

·         The Council also received a thank you letter from Children’s Faith Formation Director, Ms. Anne Doyle, for the funds to purchase a year’s subscription to MagifiKid.

·         09 October is Pastor Appreciation Day.  The Council plans to make a presentation to Father Greg and Father Cesar with a gift card.

New Bills:

·         No new bills.

·         Budget: Brothers are encourage to review the budget as there will be a vote at the next meeting.

New Business:

·         Given the Assembly 2017 is not affiliated with any one council but, rather, all six council from Wallace to Wilmington; as such, any fundraising tries to not interfere with council fundraising efforts.  Thus the assembly only has two fundraisers yearly: one for the Scholarship for Future Saints, and one for Veterans Support.  The former is underway; the latter will begin mid-October.

Prayers for Brothers in Need:

·         Kenny Merck’s daughter, Nadia.

·         Richard Dambakly and his 14-year-old son, Vincent Dambakly.

Grand Knight's Summary:

·         On 25 October, there will be a Fraternal Benefits Seminar from 6:30-7:00.  Brothers are asked to attend if interested in life options.  For Star Award, seven brothers are needed to attend.

·         Christmas Party (December 15) combined with Columbiettes, is full (80 participants) and there is waiting list should you wish to attend. Must be paid in full by December 1. See emails for details.

Next Meeting:  25 October 2022, after the Fraternal Benefits Seminar and / or 6:30 Mass, whichever is later.

Closing Prayer: Fr. Cesar Torres Martinez;  Time: 8:00  PM



2022 – 2023 Officers




Grand Knight

Cary Newman



Fr. Cesar Torres Martinez


Deputy Grand Knight

Mike Krawczyk



Mike Alexander



Greg Peters



Miguel Saldana (appointed)



Sal “Bud” Tascone


Financial Secretary

Greg Decker (appointed)



George Schadt


Outside Guard

Shawn Duncan


Inside Guard

Joseph Damitz



Frank A Bio


Trustee 1 Year

Steve Shelton


Trustee 2 Year

Larry Greer


Trustee 3 Year

Chris Smith



2022 – 2023 Program Chairs




Program Director

Larry Greer



Miguel Saldana



Robert “Bob” Gable



Steve Patterson



Michael Breit



Tim Niggel



Greg Peters



Minutes completed by Acting Recorder: Mike Krawczy