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Business Meeting Minutes 04-17-19

Business Meeting Minutes April 17, 2019 Knights of Columbus 12017

Grand Knight Greer called the meeting to order. The Warden reported all had membership card and rosary. The opening prayer was led by brother Deacon Watford and the Pledge of Allegiance was recited.

Roll Call of Officers  

Grand Knight Larry Greer Present
Chaplain Fr. Pat Keane Excused
Deputy Grand Knight Chris Smith Absent
Chancellor Gary Wool Present
Advocate Mark Pahl Excused
Lecturer Miguel Saldana Excused
Treasurer Sal Tascone Present
Financial Secretary Greg Decker Present
Warden George Schadt Present
Outside Guard Sean Duncan Present
Inside Guard John Bolger Present
Recorder Jay Curley Present
Trustee 1 Ken Dieppa Present
Trustee 2 Ken Merck Present
Trustee 3 Jeff Godshall Present

Chaplain report: Chaplain excused, no report

Approval of minutes: The minutes from the March meeting were posted on the council website. Motion made to approve, seconded and was passed. 

Retention/Membership report: no report

Grand Knight report: 

  • Please participate as much as you can for Holy Week, IFF and the Golf Tournament.
  • Please attend Vespers at 5:30 on Wednesdays.
  • George has stated that he will continue to cook for Knights events!
  • Go and watch the movie Unplanned if you can.
  • Challenge to all Knights to be more receptive to reading, listening and participating in Catholic Doctrine to expand our understanding of our faith.
  • Participate in Adoration of the holy Sacrament.

Financial Secretary report: 

  • 224 Members, 3 transfers in, 1 withdrawal, 1 new member. 
  • Not reported yet are three new members who made their first degree last month: Seminarian Matthew Nwafor, Dennis Ihnat and Christian Decker. 
  • Badges are in and should be picked up.

Treasurer’s report: provided report on finances.

New Business:  

  • Nominating Committee - Jeff Godshall: If interested in an office, contact Godshall. The vote will be in June for the next FY officers. 

Program Reports:

- Community:

  • Tim Niggle said the LAMB schedule should be out shortly.
  • Greg Decker reported that the Golf Outing is May 18 at MUNI. Looking for sponsors and players.  it's $85 to play.
  • John Bolger asked us to help out veterans in need.  He passed out information for people to direct eterans to if they need help.  

- Life: No report.

- Faith: Provided in the Grand Knight's remarks.

- Family: 

  • Steve Peters recognized George Schadt as Knight of the Month for his parish breakfasts throughout the year. 

Field Agent Report: No Report

District Deputy Report: William Vertoli:

  • April 26-28 is the Convention.
  • Great results with the council's fraternal end of year report.
  • The state raffle exceeded the budgeted results.
  • Golf tournaments are great ways to bring in additional donation revenues.

 Report of the Fourth Degree: 

  • The annual Passing of the Colors ceremony honoring graduating 8th graders of St. Mark Catholic School will occur before the end of the school year. A beautiful ceremony of patriotism and instruction. 

Good of the Order:

  • Prayers were offered for fellow Knights, relatives and friends. 

Next Meeting May 15.

Closing prayer: was led by the Warden.

Jay Curley, Recorder