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Business Meeting Minutes 06-19-19

Business Meeting Minutes June 19, 2019 Knights of Columbus 12017

Grand Knight Greer called the meeting to order. The Warden reported all had membership card and rosary. The opening prayer was led by the Warden and the Pledge of Allegiance was recited.

Roll Call of Officers

Grand Knight Larry Greer Present
Chaplain Fr. Pat Keane Excused
Deputy Grand Knight Chris Smith Present
Chancellor Gary Wool Excused
Advocate Mark Pahl Excused
Lecturer Miguel Saldana Present
Treasurer Sal Tascone Present
Financial Secretary Greg Decker Present
Warden George Schadt Present
Outside Guard Sean Duncan Present
Inside Guard John Bolger Present
Recorder Jay Curley Present
Trustee 1 Ken Dieppa Absent
Trustee 2 Steve Shelton Present
Trustee 3 Jeff Godshall Present

Chaplain report: The Chaplain's report was given by Deacon Scott.

He spoke about the Bishop’s challenge to reflect on the “Holy Spirit”. From the Supreme Council: Invite a friend or neighbor to Adoration. Let us be known as men that are drawn to the Holy Spirit discuss with fellow Knights about what was learned to expand our faith. We should read John 13:34-35.

A new command I give you: Love one another. As I have loved you, so you must love one another. By this everyone will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another.”

This month's challenge: Deepen our Faith “Come Holy Sprit” - Invite at least one person, friend or family or former church member, to Adoration or to a parish event.

Visitors: Leaders of Council 1074 were present to award our Council with first place award for being this year’s Bocce Ball tournament Champions!

Approval of minutes: The minutes from the May meeting were posted on the council website. Motion made to approve, seconded and was passed. 

Retention/Membership report: no report

Grand Knight report: 

  • This is Father Pat’s last weekend with St. Mark We need people to help with moving him to Raleigh. Larry and others will drive the moving truck to Raleigh and then we need to help move father Gregory in to his new quarters.
  • July 11 next executive board meeting.  All general meetings will now take place on the third Thursday of each month.
  • July 23 and August 31,St. Mary will have irst degree and second degree ceremonies, respectively. 
  • Cary Newman is doing a great job with the article in the “Knight’s Korner” in the bulletin.
  • St. Mary’s to hold their golf tournament on Sept 16  at Pine Valley CC. Please try to participate.
  • We will be hosting a Columbus day Pasta Dinner Oct 19 after the 5pm Mass. Donation Only!
  • December 6 is the night for the combined Christmas Dinner organized by the Columbiettes.  Please add to your calendar.
  • We need to give a day of Service to Rick Carbone to help him with the fence staining.

Financial Secretary report: 

  • 225 Members, 1 suspension. 
  • Monday Night Football Pool -A major fundraiser for Life and other related programs is the Monday Night Football Pool. There are twenty games including the conference championships and Superbowl. Each game pays $50 to the winner and you can win more than once. Books are $20. You get one free for every ten you sell. Each pool has 100 books so selling more doesn’t dilute the pool. One person has already committed to sell 40 books; another believes 60 is possible. See me or Michael Breit afterwards to get started.
  • Two seminarians we supported through RSVP were gien gifts from the council at their ordination to the priesthood: Fr. Noe Ramirez and Fr. David Miller. 
    Submitted a final RSVP refund request, the fourth for the year. 
  • Golf Outing - 

Treasurer’s report: provided report on finances.

New Business:  

  • Nominating Committee - Jeff Godshall: The slate of officers was announced for the second time. The election was held and all candidates elected. 

Program Reports:

  • Community:
    • Tim Niggel - Please participate in the LAMB drives. There are a few timeslots still available. This year’s goal has been raised. Let them know they can count on our support! Last year we raised $9500 for various causes. It really is a great way to do good and it doesn’t take much effort so let’s all participate! PLEASE.
    • John Bolger - Stated that he is trying to get a golf cart for people who need help in the parking lot of the Veteran’s Clinic. Jeff Godshall moved to have the issue brought up in the Executive Board meeting.
    • Cary Newman - Talked about the Sharing Tree which is raising funds and getting supplies for the needy. We want to load up the truck with things people really need as many are still suffering in Pender County.  We need everything from cleaning supplies to toiletries and more.
    • Greg Decker - Golf Outing - The net income was up over last year though we had fewer sponsors but more players. This is a the major fundraiser for RSVP and LAMB.
  • Life: The Life report was given by Greg Decker.  We made a $500 donation to the St. Philomena fund in honor of his time at St. Mark. This was in lieu of a personal gift.  The donation was for a family that just that week had a baby born at twenty weeks and lived for a day. Fr. Pat had blessed the parents before they went to the hospital and, at the birth, baptized and confirmed the newborn. The baby was given the name Philomena.  
  • Faith: Miguel Saldana asked for more people to attend Father Pat’s final mass at Saint Mark.  He also said to try to come and have time in Adoration.
  • Family: Steve Peters said the IFF was a huge success; ditto for the Golf Tournament. John Scarborough was selected as Knight of the Month for responding to prepare food for the Golf Outing.  

Field Agent Report: No report

District Deputy Report: William Vertoli: No report

Report of the Fourth Degree: Report given by Greg Decker.

  • Regalia is not to be worn. After July 1 the new uniform is required.  

Good of the Order:

  • Prayers were offered for fellow Knights, relatives and friends including Father Pat and Father Greg, Bill and Barbara Capture, Dave Fi=edora Vince and Hope Cusick,Larry’s Brother-in-Law, Stephen Howard, Brother, and Joanne Duncan wife of Sean Duncan.
  • Next Meeting July 18.

Closing prayer: was led by the Warden.

Jay Curley, Recorder