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Business Meeting Minutes 04/16/15

Business Meeting April 16, 2015 Knights of Columbus 12017

The Grand Knight, James Laraia, called the meeting to order and received a report from the Warden that all present were in possession of their membership cards. The prayer was said and the Pledge of Allegiance was recited.

 The roll was called.

Grand Knight   Laraia   Present
Deputy Grand Knight   Laraia II   Present
Financial Secretary   Wagner   Present
Chancellor   Dieppa   Present
Advocate    Pahl   Present
Treasurer   Probst   Excused
Recorder   Riesmeyer   Excused
Lecturer   Philips   Absent
Warden    Schadt   Present
Inside Guard    Peters   Present
Outside Guard   Bolger   Present
Trustee 3   Daniels   Present
Trustee 2   Merck   Present
Trustee 1   Shelton   Present
Spiritual Director   Deacon Perez   Excused


Prayer for Vocations recited and led by CUL Director Decker.

The minutes from March's meeting were on the council's changes, so approved as documented.

GK Report:

  • The Knight of the Month and Family of the Month are related. The Knight of the Month is Steve Shelton for his leadership and in particular his running the St. Patrick's day Dinner Dance. The "Family" of the Month are all those knights, spouses and Columbiettes that helped to make it a success. Shelton spent a few moments naming all those who volunteered. 
  • Upcoming key dates are:
    • April 25 - International Food Festival
    • May 9 - LAMB Spring event
    • May 10 - Mother's Day (parish breakfast) - The youth group will be servers and do the cooking. All mothers eat free. 
    • may 15-17 - State Convention
    • May 16 - St. Mark Family Golf Outing
    • May 24 - Council Family Picnic at the Pahl's

Treasurer's Report & FS Reports:

  • All deposits and disbursements accounted for and checking account balanced on Tuesday of this week since the Treasurer would not be at the Business Meeting.

Bills and Communications:

  • Bills: none
  • Letters:
    • St. Mark Catholic School (Elizabeth Johnson, Dir. of Advancement) - Thank you card for the $3,000 donation to provide for students with special needs.
    • VA Wilmington - Thank you letters to John Bolger for providing needed goods to veterans utilizing the VA Clinic.
    • Nancy Peters - Thank you for Mass said for her recently passed father
  • E-mails: 

Financial Secretary's Report:

  • State Council vacation raffle tickets have been sent out. Returns were requested by March 31.

Report of Service Program Committees:

  • Culture of Life: Prayer Vigil on Friday,May 1, in honor of the Feast of Mary Queen of Heaven.
  • Church: Director Peters thanked all who helped with the Easter parking. Also, a thank you note was received from Parish Administrator C. Strittmatter. 
  • Community: Veterans - J. Bolger reported on four veterans initiatives:
    • Bus tickets for veterans - Discussed providing bus tickets to veterans that use the VA clinic since many don't have cars nor ways to get to the clinic except by public transportation. The hat was passed and looked like most of the membership present contributed.
    • The semi-annual Mud Run is on Saturday, April 25 at 8am. Volunteers are allways welcome.
    • Wreaths Across America - Only 1,500 wreaths were placed at the Wilmington National Cemetery in December; there are about 5,000 graves. Mor participation and awareness is needed about the event for next December's wreath-laying. 
    • Distribution of toiletries to the Disabled American Veterans (DAV). 
  • Council: Americal Food Tent - K. Dieppa gave an update on the event and thanked Godshall, Kotas and Peters for their involvement.
  • Community: Wilmington Catholics - C. Stinson gave an update on the weekly e-newsletter he produces for the Catholic community in Wilmington. 
  • Council: Golf Status Report - G. Decker reported that more sponsors and players are needed, and that  2015 Cadillac is teh proize for a Hole-in-One. 
  • Council: M. Pahl again invited all council members and their families to the annual Memorial Day picnic at his home on 5/24 from 2 until 10pm. 

LAMB Report:

  • The council is in need of a LAMB Director. At the present, no LAMB events are planned. Street collections take time to plan. Assistance from the LAMB East chairman will be provided.
  • The LAMB Spring event will take place on Saturday, May 9. Volunteers are needed and the a signup sheet was attached to the meeting agenda.  

Trustee report:

  • Nominating Committee report from S. Shelton. About 2/3 of slate is filled. Any third degree knight in good standing wishing to become an officer should contact S. Sheton. 

New Business:

  • None.

Fourth Degree:

  • SK Daniels asked sir knights to attend the upcoming Fourth Degree meeting as it follows the council meeting this month.  

District Deputy's Report:

  • DD Weisgerber reported that the council's delegate's credentials have been accepted for the state convention in May. Also, told us that GK Laraia aaccepted the position as District 1 Warden. 

Good of the Order:

  • Jim Riesmeyer
  • Pat Conlon
  • Michael Reyes' wife, Pirette
  • Donald Todd (G. Schadt's stepson)
  • Lee Wagner's wife, Kathy
  • Bill Cardshaw
  • GK Laraia's daughter

Closing Prayer & Adjourn

Greg Decker substitute for Jim Riesmeyer – Recorder