Business Meeting Minutes February 20, 2020 Knights of Columbus 12017

Grand Knight Larry Greer called the meeting to order. The Warden reported all had membership card and rosary. The opening prayer was led by brother George Schadt and the Pledge of Allegiance was recited.

Roll Call of Officers

Grand Knight Larry Greer Present
Chaplain Fr. Greg Spencer Excused
Deputy Grand Knight Chris Smith Absent
Chancellor Gary Wool Present
Advocate Mark Pahl Absent
Lecturer Miguel Saldana Present
Treasurer Sal Tascone Present
Financial Secretary Greg Decker Present
Warden George Schadt Present
Outside Guard Shawn Duncan Present
Inside Guard John Bolger Present
Recorder Jay Curley Excused
Trustee 1 Ken Dieppa Absent
Trustee 2 Steve Shelton Absent
Trustee 3 Jeff Godshall Present

Welcome to Guests: We had no guests in attendance.

Approval of minutes: The minutes from the January meeting were posted on the council website. Motion made to approve, seconded and was passed.

Retention/Membership report: 

  • The Knight Alert phase of the annual billing was initiated with the Grand Knight, Membership Chairman, Trustees and Retention Chairman receiving lists of all members still owing dues. 

Grand Knight report:

  • This month's Supreme Challenge was about being the "salt of the earth".  We should pray before meals both at home and out. We were asked when was the last time we said Grace when at a restaurant.

Chaplain report: Chaplain excused, no report.

Treasurer’s report:  Treasurer was excused.

Financial Secretary’s report

  • Currently 229 Members. 1 Transfer in and 1 Transfer Out.
  • The Knight alert was initiated.  71 members have not paid dues.
  • Two dues check bounced in the past month.  
  • The cutoff for getting State raffle tickets back is now March 1 so we can comply with the DD's request to turn over at the march meeting. 

Program Reports:

Faith (Miguel Saldana):

  • Talked about the Legion of Mary and how retired members could contribute by joining the Legion's auxiliary.  The only requirement is to say the rosary daily (which we as knights should be doing) and to include a few more prayers.  The auxiliary is like the support services while the active Legion are the front-line troops. 
  • Over-night Adoration leading up to the feast of the Annummnciation.  3/24-3/25.
  • The same for the feast of Our lady of Guadalupe. 

Life (Michael Breit): G Decker gave report.

  • One of the ways the proceeds from the NFL Football Pool will be used is to purchase two $100 raffle tickets for the Room at the Inn at Belmont Abbey College. If we win, we will split winnings with Room at the Inn and the LifeLine Pregnancy Center. 
  • The Movie “Unplanned” was shown on January 24 and over 60 people came out to watch. Another showing will be in October.  

Family (Steve Peters): 

  • Ongoing  planning for the IFF.
  • The Knight of the Month was Michael Breit and greg Decker for running the Unplanned movie.
  • The Knights fo the Month went to the Polar Plungers who actually got wet!

Community (Tim Niggel):

  • We had a great turnout for the Polar Plunge.  

New Business: 

  • Jeff Godshall made a motion to establish a scholarship and to fund it with $1200 this year to benefit children with special needs and by teaming up with the therapeutic riding academy.. It would be named in honor of Jeff Warner.  Already we received a sizeable donation to kick-start this schoarship program. This was approved. 

Report of the Fourth Degree (Greg Decker):

  • The exemplification is scheduled for March 21 at St. Mark.  The cutoff for candidates was the past Tuesday in which 25 candidates from the assembly's region were voted upon. 12017 fielded seven of the 25 candidates. The cutoff for Observers is February 25. 
  • Help will be needed on the Friday evening before the exemplification to get teh space ready. 

LAMB (Tim Niggel): 

  • Tim Niggel spoke about the upcoming Polar Plunge on February 15th and asked for more participation. The money raised from the Polar Plunge is donated to the Special Olympics.

Trustee Report: The trustees had nothing to report.

Field Agent Report (Marty Yakimovich): Not present. 

District Deputy (Will Vertoli): Not present.

Good of the Order:

  • Prayers were offered for fellow Knights Stephen Agnelli and others.
  • We are asked to keep Dave Fedora in our thoughts and prayers.

Next Meeting March 19, 2020

Closing prayer: was led by brother George Schadt.

Larry Greer and Greg Decker, Acting Recorder