K of C Business Meeting March 20, 2014 Knights of Columbus 12017                  

The Grand Knight, James Laraia, called the meeting to order and received a report from the Warden that all present were in possession of their membership cards. The prayer was said and the Pledge of Allegiance was recited.

 The roll was called.

Grand Knight   Laraia   Present
Deputy Grand Knight   Laraia II   Present
Financial Secretary   Hirscher   Present
Chancellor   Dieppa   Present
Advocate    Pahl   Present
Treasurer   Wagner   Present
Recorder   Riesmeyer   Present
Lecturer   Probst   Present
Warden    Ferro   Absent
Inside Guard    Peters   Present
Outside Guard   Daniels   Present
Trustee 3   Geschickter   Excused
Trustee 2   Shelton   Present
Trustee 1   Niggel   Present

 The Chaplain was excused. 

Now that the previous meeting's minutes are published on the council website shortly after a meeting, the reading of the minutes will be dispensed with; however, the Grand Knight will ask for corrections and/or changes at the meeting. For the January meeting minutes no corrections or changes were offered so the minutes were approved as recorded on the website.

Membership: Admissions Committee Chairman Ken Dieppa reported on the application of Dr. Andy Espisito. A motion was made by the Deputy Grand Knight that the candidate be accepted, seconded by Kranich and approved. 
The Grand Knight provided his report going over the key dates for the upcoming month which are:

  • Parish Breakfast Sunday April 6th
  • Clown Breakfast – Sunday, May 4th.
  • Boy Scout Shrove Dinner - Tuesday, March 4th from 5-7pm. The Grand Knight reiterated that we are a sponsor of the Boy Scouts and it is incumbent upon us to support them by attending this event. 
  • St. Patrick Dinner Dance – Saturday, March 15th
  •  3rd Annual Golf Extravaganza - Sunday, May 18
  • Family Picnic - Sunday, May 25th Mark Pahl needs help with the clean up crew.

Mark Pahl led the Council in a prayer for Vocations.

Web Site:

Greg Decker will train the Officers using individual instruction.

Recruitment Event:

  • A new member recruitment (formerly known as a blitz) will be held on Saturday & Sunday, March 29th & 30th after all masses. Volunteers needed after all masses.
  • A 1st Degree is scheduled for Saturday, April 12th at 10:00am at St Mark. Candidates should arrive by 9:15am.
  • A 2nd Degree will follow the 1st Degree and start at 12:30pm. A light snack will be provided between cerimonies.

Treasurer's Report: 

Note that the financials are excised from the online version of the minutes.

Financial Secretary's Report:

The Financial Books were brought up to date as of Feb 28, 2014.

In the Reading of Bills and Communications, the Grand Knight reported receiving:

  • A letter from Supreme to Gil Hirscher 
  • A letter from Supreme to Jim Laraia
  • Thank you from Jim Riesmeyer 
  • Thank you from Prison Ministry
  • Thank you from Dioese of Raleigh
  • A letter from the 4th Annual Celebrate God's Gifts Gala. Anyone that wants to attend please pick up an invitation in front of the FS, at the head table, at the end of our council meeting.
  • Request for a Donation for MiraVia (formerly known as "Room at the Inn")
  • E-mails from Father Steve and Brother Lou


The various program directors were asked to provide their reports.

Culture of Life: Director Greg Decker said the prayer vigil outside the abortion clinic will take place on Friday, March 25th at 10am, the feast of the Annunciation.

Church: Director Steve Peters brought up council support for Easter parking. Volunteers are needed by 8:30am for the 2 Masses at 9:30am.

Volunteers also needed by 10:30am for the 2 Masses at 11:30am.

RSVP: Chairman Mark Pahl reported that 3 checks were sent to the seminarians from the proceeds of our Super Bowl Pool.

Michael Burbeck will be ordained June 7, 2014 at St. Mark Church. 

A Golf Outing is planned for RSVP  on September 15, 2014. The proceeds plus the 2015 Super Bowl Pool funds and an anonymous donor, will finance our RSVP donation next year.

Community: Chairman John Bolger reported that there will be another Mud Run on April 19 from 8:30am to 1pm, with the location TBD. 

Council: Director James T. Laraia II reports that the Parish Breakfast is on April 6th.

Co-Director for Council, Craig Stinson will accept input up to Thursday 2:30pm for the Weekly e-letter.

The Knight of the Month is Michael Breit.

Family: Director Chris Smith announced that the Family of the Month is the Richard Canizarro family. Richard, Kathleen, and Kristen teach FFY and help community and church members in need. Richard is also a Eucharistic Minister.

Basketball program that targrts older children that have less options to be run on a Deanery level. Report back to Council by May.

Special Programs: Chairman Lee Wagner reported that about $1,800 have been turned in for the State Raffle. Tickets must be returned by March 31, 2014.

LAMB: The LAMB Chairman, Peter Kotas, reported there will be an Easter LAMB Drive after all Masses on 4/5-6. Street LAMB Drives are scheduled for 4/5, 12 & 26. Lastly, the Clown breakfast was moved to May 4 so as to not conflict with the scouts' Shrove Pancake dinner. 

New Business: 

 Jim Laraia said a Cape Fear Chapter of the K of C is being considered. Approval from Supreme is required. All area Councils in the Cape Fear Region can join. The membership fee is $100 per year and we have 3 delegates on the Chapter. The Chapter meets 4 times per year. Any questions please contact Jim Laraia. A vote will be taken at the next Council Meeting if a Motion is made.

A Squires Council is being formed at the Assembly level. Brothers that want to volunteer and names of children interested in becoming members are needed.

Chris Smith was named the new Chairman of the Golf Extravaganza scheduled for May 18 at Castle Bay. 

Mark Pahl said that the Memorial Day Family Picnic will be on Sunday, May 25. Ideas for new games for adults and children are needed. Cleanup crew members are also needed.  

Fourth Degree: Ron Daniels reported at the 4th degree exemplification on March 15 two from our council, Chris Smith and Craig Stinson, received their 4th degrees. 

Good of the Order: Prayers for Brothers in need; Roy Parker, Bill O'Neal, Bill McFarland, Abagail Herman, Lou Collender, George Schadt and Clancy Must.

The meeting closed with a prayer.

Jim Riesmeyer