Business Meeting Minutes July 16, 2020 Knights of Columbus 12017

Grand Knight Chris Smith called the meeting to order. This was the first meeting since February and was being held virtually via Zoom. The format of the minutes will also be abbreviated as we become accustomed to this new way of meeting.

Roll Call of Officers

Grand Knight Chris Smith Present
Chaplain Fr. Greg Spencer Excused
Deputy Grand Knight Cary Newman Present
Chancellor Gary Wool Absent
Advocate Mark Pahl Absent
Lecturer Miguel Saldana Present
Treasurer Sal Tascone Present
Financial Secretary Greg Decker Present
Warden George Schadt Absent
Outside Guard Shawn Duncan Present
Inside Guard John Bolger Present
Recorder Mike Krawczyk Present
Trustee 1 Jeff Godshall Present
Trustee 2 Steve Shelton Present
Trustee 3 Larry Greer Present


Meeting called to order at 1909 hours on 16 July 2020

Opening Prayer - Miguel Saldana

WGK Chris Smith opened the meeting:
• 1st meeting of the new council and conducted virtually.
• Call for guests - none responded
• Call for Rosaries - all in possession of Rosaries

• Grand Night Report

◦ Last meeting was held on 20 Feb 2020
◦ motion to approve the February meeting minutes
◦ motion passed

• Financer's Report - the Council has:
◦ 227 members
◦ 0 transfers in
◦ 1 death (David Fedora) 
◦ State raffle - was a huge success raising $2,030.00 of which the Council's proceeds was $1,015.00.

• Trustee Report - Nothing to report

• Service Committee Report
◦ Larry Greer spoke with John Bolger re putting together gift bags for our Soldiers
◦ Bocci Ball tournament - need to budget.

• Faith Report
◦ we are asked to join in Mass as we can
◦ including Adoration every Friday
◦ Columbus Day dinner - need to start prepping
◦ Virtual Golf idea is being explored
◦ The council at Wallace is having a golf tournament
◦ Raffle was won $500.00 by a Brother
◦ Football Poo is ongoing - two months to go to sell them. Raffle supports Life Council (sic)

New Business
• The situation is every changing and consideration should be given to having a meeting.
• Need for Ushers and Greeters continues
• Audit of the Council will be by 15 Aug 2020
• Budget should be drafted and sent to the Executive board
• Budget considerations:
◦ Assessment
◦ Bank Fees
◦ and other expenses.
• Note: Council is uncertain when we could raise money

• Budget: the general fund needs to raise $6,000.00; without income the council can not do special projects

• Projects that raise funds:
◦ Columbus Day dinner - $1,000.00
◦ Valentine's Day dinner
◦ St. Patrick's Day dinner - $9,000.00
◦ Golf - $9-10,000.00
◦ MMF - $2,000.00
◦ Super Bowl - $1,000.00
◦ State Raffle - $1,000.00
◦ Bocci Ball
◦ Christmas Caroling

• One item to be added to the budget is Jeff Werner's Scholarship Fund - $1,200.00 (Draft to be submitted)

• Next Executive Board meeting (13 Aug 2020)

• End-of-School Year Passing of the Colors
▪ Includes instruction re how to handle and fold the flag

• Field Agent Report
◦ Insurance industry has changed; Underwriting has changed; KoC easy to get 2% annuity

• Supreme HQS Report
◦ Leaps and bounds with virtual Degree enrollment

• Polish Festival for this Fall is cancelled

• District Deputy Report:
◦ 16 days on the job as of 16 July 2020
◦ State Council is aware of changes going on in today's new world
◦ Need to bolster digital tools
◦ Issued a challenge: leave no neighbor behind
◦ Will advise Supreme and State Council of new Council's new Officers

• Installation meeting is tentatively scheduled for September

• Thanks to out-going Grand Knight, Larry Greer, for your service throughout this year of changes to include
◦ Hurricanes, Pandemic and Leadership change.

• Meeting closed at 7:58 PM with prayer.

• Next meeting is set for 20 August.

Mike Krawczyk, Recorder