Business Meeting Minutes January 16, 2020 Knights of Columbus 12017

Grand Knight Larry Greer called the meeting to order. The Warden reported all had membership card and rosary. The opening prayer was led by brother George Schadt and the Pledge of Allegiance was recited.

Roll Call of Officers

Grand Knight Larry Greer Present
Chaplain Fr. Greg Spencer Excused
Deputy Grand Knight Chris Smith Present
Chancellor Gary Wool Present
Advocate Mark Pahl Present
Lecturer Miguel Saldana Excused
Treasurer Sal Tascone Excused
Financial Secretary Greg Decker Present
Warden George Schadt Present
Outside Guard Shawn Duncan Absent
Inside Guard John Bolger Excused
Recorder Jay Curley Present
Trustee 1 Ken Dieppa Excused
Trustee 2 Steve Shelton Excused
Trustee 3 Jeff Godshall Present

Welcome to Guests: We had no guests in attendance.

Approval of minutes: The minutes from the December meeting were posted on the council website. Motion made to approve, seconded and was passed.

Retention/Membership report: 

  • Will Vetrolli brought cards that illustrate what the Knights of Columbus is all about and passed them out.

Grand Knight report:

  • Larry Greer spoke about the Chaplain’s Challenge and urged all of us to “Take To Heart”.  
  • Also support the March for Life,  support pro-life events, and to visit other area churches..
  • Announced the funeral on January 20 at 11 am at St. Therese for Jeff Werner.

Chaplain report: Chaplain excused, no report.

Treasurer’s report:  Treasurer was excused.

Financial Secretary’s report

  • Currently 229 Members. 1 Transfer in and 2 deaths.
  • Second Dues notices have gone out, 169 members have not paid dues and 80 of them have not paid dues in quite some time. Our financial health is good.
  • We had 20% response to the survey, 7800 hours of service recorded.
  • Superbowl pool is available for $10 per square.

Program Reports:

Faith (Miguel Saldana): Excused, no report.

Life (Michael Breit): G Decker gave report.

The Movie “Unplanned” will be shown on January 24 at 7 pm in the Parish Hall.

Family (Steve Peters): Excused but Program Director Chris Smith reported.

  • Ongoing  planning for the IFF.
  • The Knight of the Month was Tim Niggel for doing great work on organizing the caroling event.

Community (Tim Niggel): See LAMB report later.

New Business: 

  • Alex Hill  remarked that the Knights have a special role in the Liturgy. And reminded us to dress appropriately and be more reverent when going to Mmass to set a good example. He also suggested that the Knights consider creating an outdoor Nativity scene for the Christmas Season next year. Complete with an outdoor Altar and adoration to celebrate the Birth of Jesus and create a little Chapel. Mark Pahl suggested that Alex come to the next board meeting to discuss the details of plans for the Nativity Chapel.
  • Cary Newman talked about The Sharing Tree.  Next weekend we need volunteers to help with this ministry. On Feb. 10th Cary’s Wife Sabina will have an annual meeting to talk about the accomplishments of the Sharing Tree Ministry. They have helped many storm victims and have provided a lot of support to communities in the New Hanover, and Pender county areas Also talked about opportunities to help with building projects to assist Catholic Charites with construction Feb 22, March 21 and April 18th.All skill levels are welcome to participate.
  • Jeff Godshall made a motion to establish a scholarship and to fund it with $1200 this year to benefit children with special needs and by teaming up with the therapeutic riding academy.. It would be named in honor of Jeff Warner.  Chris Smith discussed the motion and agrees that it would be a great program. Mark Pahl asked about the procedure for voting on the funding in future years, suggested that maybe we could make it a line item on the annual budget.
  • Chris Smith suggested that we purchase tee shirts for all Knight s to wear when attending and working on events. 

Report of the Fourth Degree: Greg Decker announced that a Fourth Degree exemplification is scheduled for March 21 at St. Mark and to contact him for more information. Please let him know if you are preparing to participate by the beginning of February.

LAMB:  Tim Niggel spoke about the upcoming Polar Plunge on February 15th and asked for more participation. The money raised from the Polar Plunge is donated to the Special Olympics.

Trustee Report: The trustees had nothing to report.

Field Agent Report (Marty Yakimovich):

  • The Knights of Columbus is 138 years old. The Board of Directors met and are planning to give away thousands of dollars to councils and charities.
  • The degree process has been undergoing a major revamp andthe new degree system will be rolled out in March. Supreme wants the degree ceremonies to take place in the open with no secrecy, after Masses open to the public. Why? -- To shine the light on what the Knights of Columbus is and does for the community and to help increase interest and future membership growth.
  • Also announced was a new Universal Life product available to all Knights for the benefit of their families. He urged all to contact him for more information.

District Deputy: Will Vetrolli 

  • He Thanked all for participating in the fraternal activity survey.
  • The regional Council meeting will be held at St. Mark.
  • Reminded us about the KofC Golf Championship  and passed out posters about the golfing event.
  • Chaplains Challenge is a project that rewards councils with money that come up with great fundraising ideas and events.
  • We have a great start with the annual raffle.
  • We have new lapel pins and they are only $1 each.They say “Lead Me Lord”.

Good of the Order:

Prayers were offered for fellow Knights, Steve and Joel Peters, John Clyatt and his wife Elaine, and Steve Shelton and his father. And we are asked to keep Dave Fedora in our thoughts and prayers.

Next Meeting February 20, 2020

Closing prayer: was led by brother George Schadt.

Jay Curley, Recorder