Business Meeting Minutes December 19, 2019 Knights of Columbus 12017

Grand Knight Larry Greer called the meeting to order. The Warden reported all had membership card and rosary. The opening prayer was led by brother George Schadt and the Pledge of Allegiance was recited.

Roll Call of Officers

Grand Knight Larry Greer Present
Chaplain Fr. Greg Spencer Excused
Deputy Grand Knight Chris Smith Present
Chancellor Gary Wool Present
Advocate Mark Pahl Present
Lecturer Miguel Saldana Present
Treasurer Sal Tascone Present
Financial Secretary Greg Decker Present
Warden George Schadt Present
Outside Guard Sean Duncan Present
Inside Guard John Bolger Present
Recorder Jay Curley Present
Trustee 1 Ken Dieppa Present
Trustee 2 Steve Shelton Present
Trustee 3 Jeff Godshall Present


Welcome Guests: Welcome to Ken Malonson who is transferring from New Hampshire. 

Chaplain report:  The Supreme Chaplain’s challenge was read by GK Greer.  We are urged, all of us, on behalf of John the Baptist, to inspect our "spiritual house" to prepare the way for the Lord and challenged us to fast and abstain from meat once a week to be ready for Christ's coming. 

Approval of minutes: The minutes from the November meeting were posted on the council website. Motion made to approve, seconded and was passed.

Financial Secretary report:

  • We now have 230 members. 
  • Dues bills went out on 12/15. Please pay promptly. We now offer online payment for a slight service charge. 
  • Fraternal survey had only a 7% response so far. 
  • A list of brothers that the council has lost contact with was circulated. Since they did not respond last year, we can't assume the contact information we have is accurate. 

Treasurer report: Gave his report.

Retention/Membership report: no report.

Grand Knight report:

  • We have a first degree coming up in February.
  • The Holiday Dinner at the City Club turned out great.
  • The Knights Before Christmas and the Christmas Caroling events were well represented and were very successful. 
  • Archbishop Kurtz sent a check in appreciation for the Knights’ help with his transportation to Duke for his treatments. The executive board decided the best use for the money will be to donate it to the St. Philomena Fund.

Director’s reports:

Faith (Saldana) - 

  • 24-hour Adoration beginning on the Friday before the first Saturday began 12/6. Permanent adorers are needed for the overnight hours. A signup sheet was passed. 
  • Vocations chairman, Mark Pahl, remarked that over $6,000 was raised from the golf tournament. Gift cards and checks were distributed to seminarians who were very grateful. He also read a letter of gratitude from Deacon Matthew saying that was thrilled with the generous contribution which helped him with the purchase of a car.

Life (Breit) –

  • FS Decker said that the council just secured the rights to show the pro-life movie, UNPLANNED.  We've set the date for the first showing as 1/24 at 7 pm.  Young Adult and Youth ministries want to help.

Family (Peters, S)-

  • Steve Peters reports that the Knight of the Month is George Schadt for the fantastic Knights Before Christmas breakfast..

Community (Niggel) - Absent so only reports from committees.

  • GK Greer reported for Tim Niggel about LAMB. Over $11,750 has been collected in 2019; very close to the goal!
  • John Bolger, who heads the Patriotic committee, mentioned the gift boxes and gift cards being give to veterans at Ashley House for Christmas.
  • Bolger also was also recognized for organizing the event to place wreaths on veterans’ gravestones at the National Cemetery.
  • Ken Merck talked about food donations and or monetary funds to the NC Food Bank, a great cause for people in need especially during the holiday season.

New Business:  

  • John Bolger also asked for permission to have a representative of “The First Tee” (nonprofit that benefits youth golfers) to contact Knights about supporting them with a discount Golf Card.
  • Dennis Ihnat, the interim Church Administrator, asked for council support with parking on Christmas Eve.  He and Rich Carbone talked about the challenges with the new traffic situation. 

Report of the Fourth Degree: The next exemplification is 3/21 here at St. Mark. A package of information was made available to all wanting to advance. 

District Deputy Report: 

  • Announced the Statewide Golf Tournament to be held at River Landing in the Spring and urged us to participate. This is a great way to build fellowship and raise money for great charitable causes that the Knights support.
  • The Annual Fraternal Survey roll-up needs to be turned in by December 24th.   

Field Agent report: No report.

Good of the Order: Prayers were asked for Dave Fedora as well as fellow knights, friends and relatives.

Closing of the Meeting:Prayer was led by the Warden. Next business meeting is 1/16.

Respectfully submitted by: Jay Curley, Recorder