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Please read the following from Sabina Newman, brother Cary's wife and a Columbiette.  It involves the newest charity project at St. Mark.
The "Sharing Tree" is a special opportunity to share our love with those less fortunate in a personal way.  Beginning on June 22nd &23rd, St. Mark Catholic Church and Catholic Charities of Wilmington will be spearheading a project to help members of our community (New Hanover & Pender) meet basic living needs with the sharing of household, personal care, and every day cleaning/support items. The project is called, The Sharing Tree.
What is the Sharing Tree??  The Sharing Tree was a tender idea created by St. Mark’s Faith Family to involve everyone in a personalized way to help those less fortunate in our community. Every month there will be a unique Sharing Tree posting of the household items being collected by Catholic Charities of Wilmington to be shared with families in need.  Items sometimes taken for granted are treasured by a needy household.  Paper towels, paint brushes, paint rollers, toilet tissue, hand operated can openers, and laundry detergent are just a sampling of the treasures that will be gathered.  A listing of what is needed on a monthly basis, will be uniquely displayed on the Sharing Tree in the weekly bulletin.   Every month the Sharing Tree will be “redecorated” with the items needed for that specific month.
How will the items be collected for the Sharing Tree? One weekend of each month beginning in June, the Catholic Charities Truck will be parked near the entrance to St. Mark Church to collect that month’s listed items before and after each Mass (Saturday evening and Sunday).  The month’s special Sharing Tree items will be listed in the Parish Bulletin in a weekly Sharing Tree Corner of the bulletin.  Items of need will decorate a unique Sharing Tree for the month.
It was a creative idea Father Pat had and I helped put together with Catholic Charities.  
The items we are collecting this month are:
•        Packages of Paper towels
•        Packages of Toilet Paper
•        Male & Female Deodorant
•        Shampoo
•        Cleaning Products: Buckets, Mops, Sponges, Bleach, Windex, Cleaning Products for floors & countertops
•        New Small Appliances: Toasters, Coffee Makers, Crock Pots, Hand Mixers
It is a very simple mission.  Parishioners only have to bring products listed on the monthly sharing tree to church Before or After Mass and give it to us at the Catholic Charities truck.  The truck will be parked in front of the Church on the one weekend of the month we collect items. 
Luck would have it that our first collection is June 22nd & 23rd.  These dates were picked before we ever knew Father was leaving us.  So let’s pack that truck in honor of Father Pat. 
Please help me share the word.  
Thank you and God Bless.

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